We risk every time we drive because we don’t know how other road users will act. This calls for every mum driver to be vigilant at all times. We are all taught in driving school to believe and behave like you are the only sane person on the road. As a mother, it is very challenging to drive with children. 

It is our role as parents that we do our best to keep our children safe while traveling. Note that the following suggestions are not all-inclusive, nor are they given in any particular order of significance. But they are all essential for anyone driving with children.

Garbage Collection And Disposal.

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Your kids probably complain of hunger after every 30 minutes of driving. That’s the case for every other parent out there. That means you cannot avoid carrying foodstuff in your car while traveling. Make sure that the food remains, the empty bottles and any other wastes are well disposed of for hygienic purposes and for safety. Waste like banana peels can cause sliding and even fatal accidents. 

When an empty bottle is thrown near car brakes, it can lead to accidents. When driving, make sure you have some plastic bags or a small bin to put your rubbish in so you can properly dispose of it at home or at your destination. People who throw rubbish out the car window with little consideration for the environment or other road users are a disappointment.  It’s also crucial to educate our children on how to clean up their mess.

Prioritize Kid’s Safety

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First and foremost, the kids and everyone in the car should be safe before you start driving. Make sure your toddler’s car seat is properly assembled and installed. To ensure your infant’s safety, ensure the car seat faces the appropriate direction. Once the car seat is properly built and placed, ensure the straps are well adjusted to fit your child. The shoulder straps of the car seat should be snug but not overly so, that’s according to experts. 

The pinch test is a great approach to evaluate if the straps are properly set. Can you pinch the straps once they’ve been fastened to your child? If this is the case, they must be tightened more for your kid’s safety. Always activate kid safety locks on windows and doors that are within the reach of their little curious hands. Also remember to remove any toxic items from your backseat, such as washer fluid.

Protect Your Kids From Hot Sun

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As a mum, make sure everyone in the car puts on sunblock and sunglasses. Goggles are also an option because they will protect the kids from dust when on long family trips. Other parents put hats on their kids’ heads and get them a backseat sunshade. Always cover safety seats with blankets before you leave the car. This will ensure they don’t get too hot and burn your baby’s sensitive skin. 

It is important to do a touch test before allowing tiny passengers to climb in. Never make the mistake of leaving your kid in the car alone. An adult should always be around to watch them. Even if the outside temperature is only 80 degrees, the interior of a parked car can quickly reach lethal temperatures.

Keep Your Kids Occupied While Driving

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Children are naturally curious and playful. They can make toys out of anything. When idle, they can engage in activities or play with items that may harm them. A mum should maintain a generally tranquil environment for the children by keeping them occupied when driving them. You can bring crayons and several coloring pages for them to use. 

In case you are traveling with another adult, try reading them a storybook or getting them to listen to books on tape. If they’re old enough, handheld games are a sure way to keep them entertained while also keeping them quiet and reducing distractions. That way as a mum you can drive safely.

Install A Safety Mirror In Your Car

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While driving, It can be tough to figure out what some noises or even lack of noise signify when you’re driving and your kids are alone in the back seat. Installing a back seat mirror will be very helpful. You can get a good look at what’s going on in the back seat effortlessly. 

While you may be tempted to pull over every now and then to double-check that everything is in order back there, a mirror will allow you to get where you need to go with more confidence. Also, ensure the kind of beauty products that you use don’t affect your eyesight. Custom pre-fanned lashes are better for driving mums since they will be made in a way that will perfectly suit them. Any other products to be used by a driving mum should be well checked and confirmed to be harmless.


While on the road, there are many distractions, but your children should not be one of them. The tips discussed above are helpful and they will help you as a parent to focus better while driving and keep your children safe.