volume eyelash extensions

When it comes to best volume lash extensions, people often think of an eyelash extension that focuses on improving the thickness and curvature of natural eyelashes, creating a charming impression. To make the best volume eyelashes for your clients, you will need a lot of considerations. Good technique, determining the right style, professional tools, and materials for lash fans are essential.

How to make the best volume eyelash extensions?

Volume lashes are one of the basic eyelash extensions. It is for clients who want a big change for their eyes with an impressive and prominent set of eyelashes. Therefore, despite being born for a long time, volume lashes are still loved by clients and have never been out of date. This eyelash extension technique is not too complicated. Still, other factors are equally essential to create the best volume lash extensions besides the skill.

What are volume eyelash extensions?

For professional lash artists, volume eyelash extensions are not new. Still, you need to learn more if you are a new technician. This eyelash extension focuses on improving thickness and length with lash fans. To achieve this effect, we will use lash fans from 2D to 12D. Exceptional cases also require mega lash fans, such as 15D and 20D. The more D at the back, the more effects are created. However, volume eyelash extensions need clients to have strong natural lashes.

To create the best volume lashes, you need to be good at expertise, master the technique, determine the right eyelash shape for the client, and choose suitable eyelash extension materials.

Steps to perform the best volume eyelash extensions:

The following are the basic and necessary steps that any technician must perform.

The first is to evaluate the condition of the natural eyelashes and recommend the appropriate eyelash shape for the client.

You should consult many experienced seniors to be guided on how to analyze and evaluate lashes, determine what gaps need to be filled, how much thickness is needed, and what curl is reasonable. In addition, you should also talk to your clients to understand their needs and desires before performing. It would help if you shared with them the risks they may face when choosing volume lash extensions.

It would help if you kept in mind that volume lash extensions are not for eyes that are too small, droopy eyelids, too thin lashes, or hooded eyes.

Next is the choice of eyelash extensions.

Surely lash fans must be super light, soft, smooth, and have good adhesion. You can use premade lash fans or make them manually, but pay attention to the following points:

Wide fan: This type of lash fan focuses on spreading to create width for the lash fan. Note that the overall width of a fan is no larger than 6mm. If your client prefers lightness, then this is a great choice.

Narrow fan: Contrary to a wide fan, this is a narrow fan, as the name implies. They are suitable for the need to create more even, denser lashes. You should keep the body of the lash fan just long enough to avoid a mess for the whole lashes.

The recommended ingredients for the best volume eyelash extensions are synthetic mink or silk lashes since they are light, smooth, and hold the shape well. Thanks to this, the lash fans will look natural and almost like real lashes.

Another interesting thing about volume extensions that we need to pay attention to is the thin base vs. flat base. These two types of bases will suit the different needs. For example, if you are aiming for a pure, light, unfussy look, you can use a thin base. And conversely, a flat base is mainly attached to the upper and lower part of the natural lashes to create an impression and fill in the gaps.

If you have not been a pro lash artist yet, to ensure these elements are always correct, choose to buy premade fans. That way, you won’t have to worry and take too much time to create the right lash fan for the eyelash extensions type.

In addition, there are also some specs for choosing lashes, such as choosing the largest diameter is 0.10 mm. The smallest is 0.03 mm, the curvature is usually C, CC, D, sometimes L, and the length is from 8 -14 mm.

Finally, the eyelash extension technique.

We share a few important notes on the process of eyelash extensions. We won’t go into too much detail about the steps since we believe you already understand them very well. When attaching or separating eyelashes, it is necessary to practice well and avoid letting the eyelashes stick together. Prepare sturdy tweezers that fit your hand and are anti-static, and glue suitable for temperature and humidity to prevent the glue from drying too quickly or too slowly.

Hope the above knowledge can help you put it into practice and create the best volume lashes. And don’t forget to brush the lashes and teach your clients how to care for them properly. Good luck!