Be it work, or our leisure activities, everything now requires the operation of appliances. As these appliances need electricity to function, it is pivotal to invest in top-notch inverter and an inverter battery that is powerful enough to ensure a smooth back up during a power outage. 

When it comes to that, a lithium battery for inverter should be your go-to choice as it comes with an array of benefits including faster charging speed, longer life and low-maintenance, to name a few.  

Therefore, if you wish to buy a lithium battery for inverter, here are all the tips that you can use: 

  1. Calculate your Power Requirements 

The best lithium battery should be capable to meet your power requirements. That’s why estimating your power requirements is highly suggested when you are buying an inverter battery. 

Your power requirements refer to the load that you want to operate during a power cut. In simpler terms, it is the sum of the power requirement (in watts) of the appliances you want to be fully functioning when the power is out. 

For instance, if you wish to operate three ceiling fans and 2 tube lights of 75 watts and 40 watts each, then your power requirement would be (75* 3 + 40*2) =305 Watts. 

You can do the calculation manually or rely on Luminous’ load calculator to find out the capacity of lithium battery for inverter that is most suitable to your needs. The latter is much easier as it will spare you all the hard work and complex calculations. 

  1. Prioritize Warranty 

An inverter battery is an investment you would want to make right. The last thing you would need is an inverter battery that malfunctions from time to time. Therefore, the aim should be to go for a lithium battery for inverter that comes with a longer lifespan. 

The lifespan of a lithium battery for inverter is defined by warranty. The longer the warranty, the longer would be the battery life.  

  1. Check for Safety 

Be it the safety of your home or your appliances, you know you cannot compromise on it. A lithium battery for inverter powers your appliances; the last thing you would want is to go for a lithium battery that doesn’t meet the safety standards formulated by government bodies. 

Therefore, look for test reports, and ISO certifications when you are buying a lithium battery for inverter. Ensure that the lithium battery for inverter meets all the safety standards prescribed by the Ministry of Power and Bureau of Energy Efficiency. 

  1. Buy from Reliable Brands 

As previously mentioned, you cannot compromise the safety of your home when you are buying a lithium battery for inverter. That’s why you need to pick a lithium battery from dependable brands. One such dependable brand that you can trust with your eyes closed is Luminous. Luminous is a brand that has cemented its reputation for providing technologically marvels for the past few decades is principled on innovation and perfection. Luminous offers an array of products that meet your requirements and make your lives easier than ever. 

  1. Buy a Lithium Battery, or an Inverter-Battery Combination to Make your Purchase Hassle-free

If you are someone who doesn’t know a lot about inverters, let alone lithium battery for inverter, buying a lithium battery can get complicated. Therefore, it won’t be a bad idea to go for an inverter-battery combination. 

Luminous’ Li-ON 1250 is the next-gen technological marvel you should know about. This next-gen inverter comes with an inbuilt panel for a lithium battery to solve your space and aesthetic issues. As for performance, Li-ON 1250 offers 3x faster charging, 3x longer life, and an LCD panel for quick and easy monitoring. 

It’s an inverter battery combination you must get your hands on to get the best energy experience.