CCNP exams

Testing the abilities of the candidates of implementing a Cisco Unified Collaboration solution is ideal for the majority of the users with Scholarships for students. The candidate gets the certification in the single-site environment. They can build dial plans to place on-net and off-net voice and video calls, implement gateways and Cisco Unified Border Element, configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager for getting the certification. The 75 minute assessment consists of 55-65 questions and is associated with the CCNP Collaboration. It is held in English. You can prepare for the 2022 new CCNP online. 

Exam Topics 

Course recommend for training

  1. Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1 
  2. Cisco Technology Training for Collaboration E-Learning

How to prepare the exam?

 They offer the incredible study guide for preparing the exam. The site gives a full support and co-operation in developing their skills in the relevant topics.

  • Learners are given opportunity to choose various courses and resources online easily, which are not easily available at the places where they live.
  • It provides the flexibility to students to attain the help whenever and wherever it is accessible.
  • We allow them to show high score, by getting better learning.
  • These courses offer plenty of savings because there is no additional cost transportation or any other physical help.
  • There are a huge number of resources and assistance; offering and educational programs that offers the chance to student to get connected with the most renowned professors and lectures. 
  • It can enhance the leaner’s skill with the help of the question answer module.

About certification

It is a certification exam for those who want to attain the skills in the translation into specific device configuration, functional requirements, interoperate component services, designing, implementing, diagnosing and troubleshooting service. The candidate has to answer the 90 to 110 questions in two hours in English language. 

Exam Topics to be prepared for the Cisco

  1. Evolving Technologies                                                                                                                             
  2. Service Provider Security, Security Provider Operation and Management                                 15%
  3. High Availability and Fast Convergence                                                                                                10%
  4. Access and Aggregation                                                                                                                          15%
  5. Service provider Based Services                                                                                                             20%
  6. Core Routing                                                                                                                                             20%
  7. Service Provider Architecture and Evolution                                                                                      10%

How to prepare the exam

The only way to clear the exam is to join the study guide that helps in passing the exam. It is very important to select the study guide that is prepared by the qualified Cisco faculty. The tutor body is that which is qualified and expert of his/her field. A tutor is always trained with the help of enriched learning experience, and ensures the better future of students.

  • Online chatting facility is available for the candidates
  • Sample test facility is available
  • The study Guide is available in the affordable prices
  • Motivating the candidates for learning time management

Tutor is available all the time online, so, they can be approached easily anywhere any time .All the information and conversations are kept confidential here. You can learn more by clicking here. Resources regarding the relevant subject can easily be available, to monitor the tutor sessions. 


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